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O'Neill Psycho 3 4/3mm Steamer 2013

O'Neill Psycho 3 4/3mm Steamer 2013

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The all *NEW* Psycho 3 draws on the key features of the Psycho 2 of warmth, flexibility and superior fit but takes it to a whole new level. Featuring double Super Seam Weld, O'Neill's all new narrower silicone based urethane seal applied to both sides of a triple glued seam. Creating a stitchless seam that is 60% thinner and lighter than other seam seals.

Also, introducing technobutter, O'Neill's new and exclusive most advanced neoprene. Technobutter neoprene boasts a 17% lighter formular with 30% less water absorption and quick dry properties that make this the most technical and buttery neoprene on the market.


Body 100% TECHNOBUTTER Neoprene /  Chest & Back Glideskin XDS Air Firewall

Double Super Seam Weld (watertight stitchless)

Pullover Barrier 2

Patented Z.E.N Zip closure system with drainhole

Double Super Seal Neck

Handcuff wrist seal

External key pocket with loop

New redesigned Super seal hand cuffs

+ Much more