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Best carrier for your surfboard when you ride your scooter, moped or motorbike to the surf!

The scooter surfboard carry rack is a powder coated alloy frame which features a universal mount to fit most scooter, moped or motorbike rear luggage racks.

The engineered alloy framework is covered by thick EVA foam at the points where the surfboard rests preventing any damage. The board is then secured by two integrated bungee cords, holding it safely in place.  Your rack will easily carry most surfboards up to 8'0 in length with any standard board width and thickness. Simple to install and because it's constructed in sections can be also be taken apart for quick and easy storage.  

Riding with one arm around a board only leaves on hand free for holding the handlebar, which can make it difficult to brake in a hurry and makes the rider prone to windage from the elements or passing vehicles. A surfboard scooter rack is a much safer alternative for negotiating traffic while carrying your surfboard.

A great lightweight solution at only 1.7kg and perfect for any surfer living close to the beach or traveling! 

  • Universal fit for most scooters, mopeds or motorbikes with rear luggage racks.
  • Powder coated anti-rust alloy frame
  • Designed to fit most surfboard sizes up to 8'0
  • Strong durable, practical design which won't damage your surfboard