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FCS PC-5 Medium Quad Set

FCS PC-5 Medium Quad Set

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Lightweight performance tri-quad setup with a responsive flex pattern. The size ratio between the front and rear fins strikes a balance between carving on the open face releasing the tail easily through turns. 

FCS PC-5 in the side paired with FCS GX-Q in the rear.

A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

All board types.


MEDIUM (65Kg - 80Kg)


Base: 4.37" / 111mm
Depth: 4.55" / 115mm
Area: 14.76"² / 9525mm²
Sweep: 33°
Foil: IFT

Base: 3.86" / 98mm
Depth: 3.93" / 100mm
Area: 11.07"² / 7140mm²
Sweep: 33.2°
Foil: 80/20