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6'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4"     

Fins-FCS M-5    Glass - Polyester Resin Tint   40lt

Generously proportioned, the Modern Blackfish combines the usability and performance of a contemporary fish shape, with the striking aesthetics of traditional resin tints.

The wide point on this surfboard has been shifted forward to assist with paddle efficiency, and to aid in maintaining speed in smaller conditions when the rider shifts their weight forward.

The well-balanced rocker and moderate lift in the nose and tail have been designed to let you get into waves early, accelerate fast off the bottom, then perform fluid turns on the open face. The subtle single-to-double concave bottom further enhances the board by keeping it lively and reactive to the rider.

Surprisingly responsive for its size, the Modern Blackfish has a domed deck, performance rails, and a narrow tail outline, all of which serve to add bite and control in larger conditions when driving off your back foot. The reliable thruster set up has also been configured to suit a wide variety of waves.