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6'0" x 21" x 2 5/8"   35.5 ltr

*Please note this board also has carbon fibre running down stringer line not shown in this picture

From aggressive aerials to laid-back high lines you have the best of both worlds combined into one insanely fast board - the Ghetto Cat. This is a full-blown crossover model, designed for all types of surfers in all types of conditions.

The volume is distributed further forward with a generous outline to encourage paddle power, yet it stays agile off the tail with a refined rounded pin. The versatile 5 fin setup adds to its diversity and allows for more critical surfing in hollow, barreling waves. With one of these in the quiver, you'll have the perfect board for around home or an overseas surf trip, whether you're faced with running point breaks, rampy beachies, or mellow reefs.

Everyone from Parko to the JS factory crew took to this model immediately during the testing stages and are pushing it as the board they ride when they're just looking to have a lot of fun and mix it up. From professional surfers to those still developing their skills in the water, the Ghetto Cat is one of the few boards in the world that can be trusted for reliability and plenty of forgiveness, but also pushed to the limits of power and progression. Whatever your ability, and regardless of what the waves are doing, the Ghetto Cat is easy to surf, super quick and bucket loads of fun.