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Manta Blade Pro Bodyboard Fins

Manta Blade Pro Bodyboard Fins

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The Bodyboard Blade incorporates new rubber replacement qualities. This has enhanced the kick to thrust ratio, providing super propulsionary Response. The blend shows the softer kick rubber surrounding the foot pocket, ankle strap and contrail down over the toe area, finishing at the end of the blade. The stiff rubber runs down either side of the foot pocket, across the base and down to the tips of the blade. The effect of the hard rubber structurally enhances the flex rate, allowing the softer rubber to flex beyond its normal contours. Thus scooping more water and fit the spring affect, driving more water off the end of the blade, propelling the user with more velocity.

Powerful Pro Bodyboard Fin
Super Soft Foot Pocket For Comfort
Stiff Blade For Power
Made From Natural Floating Rubber
Great For Larger Feet