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9'2" x 23" x 3"  74.5ltr

Glass - Thunderbolt Epoxy construction over EPS

Fins - Single 10" box (fin not included)

Manufacturer description:

CJ’s favorite surfboard of all time. Originally shaped by Washington’s Dane Purlee and now resurrected by Californian shaper Ryan Engle. This is a exact replica of the board CJ rode in Thomas Campbell’s movie “the Sprout”. Without a doubt the best nose riding surfboard CJ has ever owned and regarded by many as the best noserider of all time. This board was designed to take to Malibu or Scorpion bay and hang ten. If you can’t get to the nose on this one then we don’t know what to tell ya. A must have for any point break, tip dwelling, longboard enthusiast.

“These boards are built like no other and incorporate advanced materials and stringer systems that take performance and durability to new levels. I designed these boards from the inside out, adapting our polyester shapes to take full advantage of the new materials and make the subtle adaptations necessary to make these boards perform at the highest levels I have ever experienced.” -CJ NELSON