Wetsuit Care

Wetsuit Care Tips

  1. Rinse out your wetsuit with fresh water as soon as possible as salt water is especially hard on neoprene. 
  2. Don't neglect your zippers, buttons and other fasteners. 
  3. Hang your wetsuit inside out to dry in the shade, as the suns UV rays will break down the lining of your suit. 
  4. Every 1-2 months, totally soak your suit in fresh water with a couple of caps of disinfectant for 1-2 hours. This will kill any bad smells and bacteria - Wetty Wash - Piss Off Detergent
  5. After a thorough cleansing, inspect your wetsuit for damage.
  6. Look for tears along the seams, reinforced knees and elbows, and zippers. Also, check the zippers for broken teeth. Check out Seventhwave Wetsuit Care for more tips. 
  7. Repair any damage as soon as possible.
  8. Don't allow your wetsuit to get crushed or crumpled by folding it or placing heavy objects on top of it. Dents and creases can become permanent and result in a loss of insulation.
  9. The best way to store your wetsuit is lying flat or hanging from a sturdy plastic hanger out of direct sunlight. 
  10. Wetsuits come in different thicknesses and types of neoprene. Check out O'Neill Wetsuits for more neoprene types. 
  11. The colder the water, the thicker the wetsuit should be.
     In summer and spring, a 3/2 mm wetsuit would be suitable, and in autumn and winter, a 4/3 mm wetsuit.
  12. Some wetsuits are lined with titanium, giving them up to 30% more warmth than normal wetsuits. Check out The Surfing Site's Wetsuit Guide for more info.