Wetsuit Repair

We sell wetsuit repair materials for small wetsuit holes / damage

Easy D.I.Y Wetsuit Repairs

 The simplest repair you can do yourself is a hole that is small enough that you don’t need any additional neoprene to cover it up, and is no more than a few centimeters long. In this case you can just glue the neoprene back together. Anything bigger, or if the stitches are torn and coming apart please contact us and we can give you advice on a wetsuit repairer. This may involve you sending the wetsuit away for repair.

If you decide to repair your wetsuit yourself, here is what you may need:

  • Meths (for cleaning repair area) 

  • Neoprene cement/glue 

  • Something heavy to weight the repaired area 

  • Clothes pegs to hold the glued sides apart.

Tubes of liquid urethane such as Aquaseal are perfect for repairing rips, holes, gashes, unraveling thread and sealed seams. Aquaseal is a fast curing, clear synthetic that dries in about 5 hours and can be put to use the next day.

Firstly, make sure your wetsuit is clean! Tips for properly washing your wetsuit

Sealing seams

  • Make sure the wetsuit is dry

  • Clean the area thoroughly with meths or alcohol and wait until it evaporates

  • Use a brush or your finger to apply the neoprene glue on the wetsuit surfaces that need to be sealed back together.

  • Let stand for 5 minutes, making sure you keep them apart.

  • Repeat the process and leave for 10 minutes.

  • Firmly press the surfaces together and apply even pressure, use something heavy like a book or a clamp/peg if you can

Filling small wetsuit holes

If the hole is smaller than 1cm you can get away with filling it with neoprene glue. For holes larger than this… 

  • Cut a piece of neoprene to the size of the hole

  • Put a small piece of wax or baking paper behind the hole, on a flat surface

  • Put the piece of cotton inside the hole and fill it with the neoprene glue

Allow at least two hours before use.