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The H4 looks and surfs differently from any other fin. Precision Swiss engineering matched with a highly evolved template provides an unprecedented level of control and predictability at high speeds.



Radically different side & centre fin templates create a powerful fin set with ultimate speed & drive.

  • SIDE FIN PROFILE: The lower section produces maximum acceleration, while the hatchet like tip creates stability & control.
  • CENTRE FIN PROFILE: Highly raked elliptical outline reduces drag, and offers a feeling of predictability when releasing through turns.
  • FIN FOILS TEMPLATE: Thicker base with tapered tip optimises flex & regulates the release of energy during rail-to-rial transitions.

Ideal Conditions

  • A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves.

Board Types

  • Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
  • Recommended for performance shortboards with moderate-to-low rocker.

Fin Family

  • Accelerator: Find Control. Speed, flow and response with added control.

    • PRECISION SWISS ENGINEERED: Creates perfect synergy between fin geometry & HI-FI materials, giving a smooth & predictable feel.
    • HIGH-DENSITY UNI-DIRECTIONAL CARBON FIBRE: Light & super strong with custom orientation to transfer more of your energy into speed than any other fin.
    • DYNAMIC TRAILING EDGE: Internal composite morphs under extreme load, enabling the fins to be pushed harder without sliding out.
    • INNOVATIVE PRODUCTION: Highly specialised robotic automation combined with camera-assisted quality control, ensures absolute accuracy. 
    The FCSII H4 Fins are used in conjunction with a sport that is considered dangerous. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for injuries to persons or property caused by use, misuse or inability to use this product.
    This product is fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 1 year.

    SMALL (55Kg - 70Kg / 120 - 155 Lbs)
    MEDIUM (65Kg - 80Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs)
    LARGE (75Kg - 90Kg / 165 - 200 Lbs)


    Base (inches)

    Base (mm)

    Depth (inches)

    Depth (mm)

    Area (inches)

    Area  (mm)

    Sweep Deg°


    SML Side  4.36 110.6 4.34 110.1 14.29 9221 38.3° Flat
    SML Ctr 4.29 108.8 4.49 113.9 13.82
    8917 37.2° 50/50
    MED Side 4.48 113.6 4.45 113.0 15.07 9721 38.3° Flat
    MED Ctr 4.40 111.7 4.61 117.0 14.58 9405 37.2° 50/50
    LRG Side
    4.59 116.5 4.57 115.9 15.84 10221 38.3° Flat
    LRG Ctr 4.52 114.6 4.73 120.0 15.33 9893 37.2° 50/50
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