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Hubi's Surf Atlas - Part 1

Welcome to pure fun — the world's first surf and adventure atlas for youth and the young at heart. Hubi’s Surf Atlas belongs in the home, hammock or happy learning zone of every ocean-loving family. Share aloha, wanderlust and relevant wisdom through a fantastically illustrated, eclectic menagerie of surf missions, infographics, wildlife, earth science concepts and geography that is crafted for and accessible to all. 


  • Explore Earth through surfing. Tow into the Portuguese “Record Breaker”, trailblaze a rainforested island in Equatorial Guinea, discover a tubing jewel in the harsh Namibian desert, leave the safety of shore far behind to ride the “Himalayas of Surfing” 100 miles out at sea...

  • Ignite curiosity through 200+ facts and infographics. How do tidal bores make it possible to surf rivers? How do surfers prepare for the planet’s biggest waves? What is a seamount? Will Skeleton Bay’s dreamy sandspit grind on forever? Can a frog weigh as much as a surfboard?

  • Immerse yourselves in story, reports and spot guides from every corner of the globe. Shiver alongside Hubi and buddy Sigurd on a Norwegian archipelago; sail to the South Shetlands with good friends Idalia and Santiago; and see how, with the help of his pal Otávio, Hubi just barely manages to rip Brazil’s rare Pororoca through the Amazon.

  • Benefit from an all-time surf and science glossary. Not clued in on surfing or new to the sciences? No worries! A seriously handy and comprehensive glossary is filled with all the surf, adventure and earth science lingo used in the book. 
  • Enjoy days and days of reading, reference and meaningful interaction with the one-kilo hardback’s 96 pages of solid surfing gold. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is designed for use and built to last. Enjoy it wherever you play, learn or nest. 
  • Relevant at any age. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is perfect for reading to and developing phonics and concepts with early readers (5-9), exploration among chapter book capable readers (7-10) and as independent reading for middle grade readers (8-12).
Format: Hardback

Number of pages: 96 pages
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