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MANTA PRO XT 44" 2022
MANTA PRO XT 44" 2022

MANTA PRO XT 44" 2022

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  • Sophisticated larger, wider bodyboard for riders who want to challenge most conditions

    A MANTA classic

    The ultimate Bodyboard with wide template and full length thumb grooves for the riders who want more control and relaxed cut through in the waves. The Bodyboard built to last. The best all round Bodyboard choice for many riders.

    Works in all conditions with these top range materials. A Bodyboard template developed over the many years Manta has been working on Bodyboards in Cronulla.

    Pro XT Bodyboard Specs:

    • 2 x Stringer
    • BPP core
    • Full Length Thumb Grooves
    • Nose and tail internal protection bumpers
    • Nose bulbs
    • XPS PE Slick