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Swim Ears

Swim Ears

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Swim Ears

SwimEars ear plugs protect your ears without affecting your hearing.

  • Maximized hearing.
  • Increased safety.
  • Less hassle.

Proven performance

Independent tests show that SwimEars outperform other ear plugs on the market. With close to zero acoustic loss SwimEars allow you hear whats going on around you, improving safety in open waters and allowing you to hold a normal conversation with your coach or fellow swimmers.

  • More time in the water.
  • Fewer visits to the doctor.

SwimEars help prevent issues like swimmer's ear (otitis externa) and surfer's ear (exostosis).


How it works:

Cleverly designed with changeable parts, SwimEars allow you to customize the plugs to fit perfectly in your ears, providing great seal and comfort.

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